How do I read (use) the freecodecamp guides?


I’m new here. I’m working on reviving my programming skills. I’m learning python and catching up with what’s new with Javascript.

I came across the guides, which referred me to another resource. I’m happy so far. But I see that there’s a lot more that could be learnt from the guides, but I’m not sure how to go about this as the articles seem quite random.

Is there an order to the guides or are they meant to be used with search whenever one has a specific question?

I googled this but couldn’t find anything related but this introductory article on Medium (can’t link it yet as I’m new here).

Can you specify what you mean by guides?

Are you talking about freecodecamp medium articles?

The guides are a reference point for if you know you want to look something in particular up, not a curriculum per se.

Just dip in to them if something piques your interest.