How do I resolve this issue with carousel?

Hello there,

I am building my first carousel within a landing page and I came across an issue that I cannot resolve for the last few days. When I was adding media queries , somehow I broke the carousel on the full width screen, therefore it now works fine only on max width 992px. I have been through the code up and down a milion times, I compared all media queries with the basic code and I am out of ideas now. I notices that all img below the nav are messed up…

My codepen is

I will be very grateful for any hints.

You have a number of errors in your CSS. Click on the drop down in CodePen and select analyze. Then scroll through your CSS to clean it up.

One of the errors, which is causing your carousel not to work is you did not close your media queries correctly. Add another } on 211 and your carousel will work correctly.

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Thank you! That worked! I had a feeling it was something very simple that I was missing. I am writing my code in VS code and I have error lens extension activated so I assumed it would catch that.