How do I restart everything from the beginning?

All in the title. I just created and started my account about a week or so ago, got started, the moved a few days later and didn’t have internet for a little while. So now I’m wanting to start it all over from the beginning. How would I go about doing that?

@MisterE15 As far as I know, there is no “reset” option available.
However, you can delete your account and then register again to start from the beginning.

To delete your account, go to your profile > “Update your settings” > scroll to the bottom and you shall see the “Delete my FreeCodeCamp account” button


You should also be able to just go back to the beginning via the map and work through again :slight_smile:

You can just use the Map to move back as far as you want. If your previous work is showing up, clear your browser cache. Your old solutions will still be in your profile, but they will be replaced by your new solutions as you go along.

Thank you for all your responses. It seems that the Map method worked out fine. Thank you.