How do I save my commented code on FCC challenges

Is there any way to save your code in the challanges and find it when you come back to it later ? I would like to be able to add comments and review my code but everytime I come back to a challenge I see the initial code. Is there any way to do that or FCC doesn’t just have this option?
Thank you

It’s there as long as you don’t clear your cache, but gone as soon as you do. I’ve been saving my algorithm solutions in JSfiddle after each one with a little comment on what I learned from the exercise.


Thanks, I periodically run CC cleaner so that was the problem, anyways I am gonna use Js fiddle to save my code from now, thanks for the good advice.

I would recommend setting up a github account and get in the habit of saving your code there :slight_smile:

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Probably better advice from somebody further along than I.