How do I search data in a gridview (data isn't from database) ASP.NET

How do I search data in a gridview (data isn’t from database) ASP.NET

Most search features of grid view in ASP.NET shows how to search data from a data list that is connected to a database. But my data in my gridview is list of name of books from a folder. It uploads files from folders and save them on visual studio folder, not database. Now I want to search data from the gridview but all solutions are talking about how to search from database. Your help contributes a lot for my web app. I am almost on the last stage to launch it. Thanks.

What I have tried:

I have tried to use datatable javascript (DataTable is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library). But since I have another gridview in the same page, the search and other functionalities don’t work on the second gridview (That is also another problem to be addressed. Solution is appreciated). That is why I want to use another searching method.

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