How do I setup a 24/7 stream on Youtube for a project that is similar to freeCodeCamp radio?

It seems in the Medium article I read does not actually give details on how to accomplish the task, only that it was not easy to figure out the solution at first glance.

Here is what the article says, “I tweeted at Matthew asking if he could help set up a stream. Within a few hours, we were live. He’d written software to display the song name and an equalizer, and deployed a chatbot to stream’s live chat room. Matthew also started building tools to allow us to remote-control the stream, and figured out a way we could run the stream for a fraction of the cost of commercial cloud streaming services.”.

Anyone have a idea on where I should start, if the software is open source, or what the process is i would have to do to setup a live stream s well? Sorry if this question has been answered before (links?). Thanks for taking the time to read and answer this in case I do not see the answer for awhile!