How do I start a Meet Up successfully?

I live in an area where the local Free Code Camp is stagnant. I have organized a meet up for Saturday and so far I 1 coming and a couple of maybes.

How should a meet up run? What makes a meet up beneficial and successful?

I’m running this new meet up tonight. Any thoughts on what I can do to make it successful?

1 - Don’t leave your guest ponder. If they show up, greet them and let them know that they are in the right place. A lot of programming meetup I went to lacked a lot of common sense. This is one of them.

2 - Have things to discuss about and not just say “come, code”. Do something with them, get people to share their projects, get talking. I get the impression that coders are know it all, so they don’t talk.

3 - Get a place that is easy access by bus and parking with plenty of space. Make sure that you are visible and not some kind of coffee shop in the back corner without telling anyone.

Thanks for this @Cowwy! I’m implementing what you have said in my last posts about coding and just doing it. I also figured me meeting with other coders or students would help me stay motivated and learn faster; so I decided to be proactive.

I really appreciate your continual feedback!