How do I start a project?

I’ve completed all the html and css challenges and am ready to move on to the responsive web design projects. Until now, everything has been super easy to understand and very enjoyable.
However, I am extremely confused now.
Where am I meant to write my code?
Why is javascript mentioned? The tutorials haven’t touched on javascript yet?
What is forking?
What is a pen?

Sincerely, please help me.

pens are where you can write code in codepen

open the pen provided when there is written “you can fork this pen to get the test suit” (or something similar)
there press the fork button, it will copy the pen to your profile. Now you can start write the project: write what you would write in the body tags inside the html box, and what you would write in the style tag inside the CSS box

do not delete the script tag already present as that is how you have the test suite in your page

happy coding

people come from different backgrounds, it says it is allowed to use not that you must use it.

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Okay, I came right after all, thanks so much for your near instant response. Will shout if I get stuck

I recommend finding an IDE that you would like to code in. I use atom, and I say this because you can install add ons that will help you code projects like having a color picker, beautify ( add indents to your code and make it look nice). Just something to think about, I like using with node.js for working with react.