How do i start coding

how do i start coding?

Type those same five words into Google

I say that because you’ve asked such an open ended question that everyone who responds will give a different approach. Using Google you’ll be able to quickly narrow down an approach that will work for you.

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The Internet is full of tips and advice on your question. It would be a desire to start.

@stickup143 Coding is a general term. There are numerous things you can achieve out of coding. They may include Web Development, Software product, Machine learning model. In order for you to start, you should decide on the best path you want to undertake. FreeCodeCamp has been my best platform for learning web development.

Check the Curriculum at :
FreeCodeCamp YouTube:

Choose your best path you want to learn. #HappyCoding :blush:

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To get started, try to figure out why exactly you want to code - is it to design webpages? To visualise data?
If you’re not too sure, start out with one of the programming languages and see what you think.
I personally started out with a few different ones at first, to get a feel for what is involved in learning to code, and now I’m sticking with JavaScript until I’m able to use it more competently.

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you should search on google. Google will show you so many links to learn the coding from basic …and you can choose your relevant site from whom you want to learn…