How do i stop elements in header (logo + navBar) from sliding down when resizing the browser!

So every elements in my webpage is OK unless the logo and the NavBar :confused:
, the logo still in the same size when resizing also , THANK YOU !

Hi @BenSaid0,

Thank you for posting here. For us to quickly and better help you, you should provide us with more info. Also, it would be good if we have the code posted somewhere (codepen?)


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oh yes i’m sorry ! , take a look @Bam92 !

I tried to check it, but I don’t really see a big problem. How do you expect it to be?

Try to delete (or comment) this in your header style height: 15%;.

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Well its worked ! at least the navbar is still with the header at same level .
Thank you so much , i appreciate that !!

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