How do I stop that app.get from executing?


From Basic Node and Express, last exercise(number 12), Get Data from Post Requests.

The answer to the exercise number 10 works fine, everything is fine in the red circle.

The checkmark in red is what the exercise number 12 is asking us. It works fine.

How do I stop the page refreshing after we hit the submit button?


<form action="/name" method="post">
<input type="submit" value="Submit">

I am searching in google, I am pretty sure is an attribute in one of those places above.


It only happens with the embedded preview. You won’t see that with the full page view. Not sure why but Replit does a GET after the POST and there is already a GET handler for that /name route which is expecting query params.

The issue is still there in the replit webview but the code works in a separate tab. Thankfully passing the live web url to the challenge allowed it to pass.