How do I submit my tribute page from codepen to freecodecamp?

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I have tried copying and pasting the link to my tribute page but nothing seems to be happening. Kindly please help to know how to submit it.

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hi there,
@Sajjad did you click on the submit button for that project?
Can you send a screenshot?
Also, edit your post and add a support team tag to it.

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  1. Open your codepen page for your project.

  2. Copy the URL of your page’s link.

3.Visit: If you are not already, sign in to your fcc account.

  1. Paste your link into their submit button.

  2. Your test should either pass or fail, depending on if you completed it correctly.

Hopefully this helps, send a screenshot or link if it still doesn’t work


Thank you very much

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Hi @anon58011934 I have found the solution to my problem with the help of . Thanks alot for helping me out

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No problem, good luck on your next responsive web design Projects

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these projects are not tested here. For these projects the tests are in the test suite provided, and the tests need to pass before submitting the project

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When you complete a test it depends on if the test suite passes too is what I was trying to say @ieahleen.

Indeed the test need to pass before it allows for submision.

the submit buttin doesn’t test your project. Anything you put in there will be submitted.

in the description of the project there is a pen to fork that included the test suite - that is what you need to use to test your project