How do I transfer domain name to another registrar?

Hello all,
I am working with a client who currently has a site hosted with GoDaddy, and its domain name purchased through GoDaddy. We would like to move the site to another hosting company. As part of this, I am trying to figure out if we should have the domain name transferred to another company. The website hosting plan and the domain name expire in 30 days. I have never personally used GoDaddy in the past given its reputation…

I would consult the documentation and/or help forums of the new domain name host, but it should be possible.

You can use Godaddy as the domain registrar and just point the name servers to the new host’s name servers.

I checked just now, didn’t find it.

@Besser Not to state the obvious, but did you try following the documentation?

I think keeping GD for the domain name is fine unless you can save money or have some other concern. I would be more hesitant to use them as a hosting provider.

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