How do I understand Complex JavaScript better?

I am able to understand the basics and stuff, but when I’m writing code or testing myself, it feels much more complex and I am unable to think logically. Is there a procedure for learning better?

Can you give an example of the code you are struggling with? Do you mean you understand the basics like:

function add(a, b) {
return a + b
add( 4, 6)

But putting into practice all the basics you’ve learnt is more difficult?

It’s not a specific piece of code, but It’s really frequent. I am having to at times repeat lessons to understand stuff, I never had to do that previously. I am able to understand the things that are taught, but not able to execute them very well most of the time.

There is absolutely no problem with that!! I’ve learnt that learning to code takes commitment and time. You will always be looking up, or referring back to code you have written before or to an article you read - and that is OK!! …It takes time, plus there is always something new to learn…
It just takes practice!! Try to code a everyday, you will eventually start to recognize patterns and know when to use a piece of code to solve a problem you are working on…


Thanks a lot!! I was worried

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