How do I use command prompt for a python server (with python already installed using the command prompt)?

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I’m currently trying to set up a local development environment using pythin.

Here is the documentation for what I am doing:
Click here for how to set up python in a local developer environment

Should I download python 2.7 etc or 3.6 etc?

I currently use windows 10 lattitude.

I’m assuming I need to download windows 2.7

Actually, you can go here and hover over downloads to see for sure.

P.S. I can read, and it says 2.7 is preferrable, but I was wanting to know i my computer is the exception. This should take approximately 2 minutes.

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Whether you use Python2 or Python3 has nothing to do with the computer that you’re using it on. Either will run fine on any computer. It’s a matter of compatibility. Many pypi packages have not been updated for Python3. So it depends on what packages you want to use. (My personal 2-cents is that Python3 has been around long enough that any package that hasn’t been updated for it yet probably isn’t going to be well maintained in general.)

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so does a local development environment not recognize the following: a folder within a folder? I saved my work in a particular folder inside a folder…

That shouldn’t present any problems.

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