How do I view all the date in which I completed my challenges

I’m trying to keep a log of my learning progress and I need to go over the date. I tried to download all my data but I can’t decode it into something I can understand.

From the settings page, click "Show me my public portfolio.

(You have to have “My time line” set to “Public”).

just click on show me my public portfolio

It looks like you’d want the completion dates of each challenge, but there’s not a whole lot of useful info in the user data json file, since it only contains the unique id of the challenge.


I suspect these are mongo ids, so retrieving them shouldn’t be terribly difficult if you ran a local server … but i’d agree with you the data isn’t very intelligible as it is. Might be worth opening a bug on github to ask if the data returned from the “Download all your data” link could be decorated with (at least) the challenge name along with the id.

(Edit: or of course just use the built-in timeline UI on the site. Silly me. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Even from the downloaded data, it’s not that complicated. I assume that completedDate is just epoch time (February 3, 2019 in the example above).

This would be how you could check the dates if you don’t want to make your timeline public.

I’m completely new to looking at data like this and haven’t tried before. Where should I start to learn to interpreting the data?

Where can I find the built in timeline UI?

At the top of you should see a button named “Show me my public portfolio”. Your public portfolio page will contain your timeline of challenges and their completion dates below the calendar and certifications.

I have found that occasionally the timeline doesn’t show up. Reloading the page seems to fix it.

Oh I see. looks like I have to make it public for it to show up. Thank you so much