How do my first three projects look?

I’ve just gotten through the front-end cert lessons after being back and forth with this site for years, and I’ve finally gotten through the first three projects: the tribute page, the portfolio, and the survey form.

Here’s a link to all three of them.

If anyone has some honest feedback and CC I would highly appreciate it! I know my code isn’t always the most consistent, I struggle with fluctuating between EVERYTHING IS DIVS and using nice clean semantic HTML so it tends to be all over the place. One of these days I will go back through and make it all consistent across the board. It might also be worth noting that I do not know JavaScript yet, so when submit buttons are clicked and whatnot, nothing happens.

Another thing I, myself, have nitpicked is in my survey form – the alignment is quite wonky. I referenced the example codepen in the exercise quite a bit but I very much disliked the way they created their two columns to align everything. It worked, yes, but the code was messy and had a lot of weird specifics that I think could be achieved in a much more efficient way.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to look at what I’ve got!

can work on alignments …good job …keep up with the momentum…

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misstype in navabar porfolio
There is no element id=portfolio so the first button do nothin,
img are missing.
consider some box-shadow