How do the certificates work?


I finished my responsive web design criteria and submitted projects for the course, but I didn’t want to move forward with the certification at the time as I wanted to redo the projects from scrap without the influence of the example web pages later.

My question was, is it possible to get a certification in the javascript section (my reason for joining was based on data coding specifically (javascript, and python) without dealing with the certificate for responsive web design or will it be automatically processed since I finished the projects?

Welcome there.

The course workflow is:

  • To claim any section’s certificate only requires the 5 associated projects at the end (of each section) to be completed
  • To claim the certificate, head over to your settings page, and scroll down, ensuring to accept the Academic Honesty Pledge, and adjust settings as directed on the page
  • There is no time limit on completing the courses
  • One section does not depend on another (see below *)
  • You are able to submit solutions to any challenge/project as many times as you like

*You can jump around as much as you like between lessons/challenges and projects, but the course is laid out in a specific way to teach a specific set of tools (the MERN stack) in a way that would make sense to most. The Python content does not assume you have completed any of the HTML, CSS, and JS content, though.

I hope this answers your question?

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For the mot part it does. Thank you very much