How Do You Access ‘Data Analysis with Python’ exercises?

Hi, I’m around halfway through, but still just the videos. The problem is, for example, ‘Pandas Series exercises’, the Git page with them opens, and they open.

But nothing is editable, or in any way interactive, (since even if down-loadable/editable, I don’t see how whatever I get wrong would be corrected).

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious - Any help/suggestions appreciated :slight_smile: Robert.

Google Colab works very well:

That link had also opened fine for me, but I don’t see any exercises there at all.

That link will describe how to open github notebooks in google colab.

You have the github URL:

Change it like this: +

And you can open it in google colab:

Then you will need to save a copy on your Drive or Github.

Thank you for trying, but this is still not getting me to any exercises that I can work through, and not to anything that will instruct me along the way.

If you are familiar with it, think of CodeCademy, that’s the frame of reference I’m familiar with, and I don’t see anything here so far that is in any way similar to that process.

The colab link that opened here is a transcript of the video, and copying to Drive didn’t turn it into any kind of exercise.

Ok, there isn’t an interactive lesson. There is the videos with 1 multiple choice question and the projects to complete at the end.

Using the notebooks can help you understand the material. The projects at the end do a lot of the heavy lifting for real learning, but it’s up to you to make sure you understand the material as you go.

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