How do you change emails without losing progress?


So as the title says, how do I change my email without losing progress? At the moment when I save a new email address it sends my new email account a verification email, I click the link and it takes me to Fcc, where My only option is to sign in, So I sign in with my new email address, and it sends me a verification code, once all this is done all that has happened is I’ve created a new account, my progress is still on the old account which I just attempted to change the email for. So all I’m doing is following the change email address instructions and this is only creating me a new account, with none of my progress… Very confused on how to fix this?

Thanks Tim

could you delete the account with the new email address and try again? if you already had an account with that email address it could behave like that

after that, if you still can’t manage you could try writing to support as they may be able to do that database-side ( or at least open an issue on github to notify about the bug

I tired that a few times, guess I’ll need to message support, Thank you for the reply