How do you change the style of texts on the same line

I am creating my professional profile and I would like to place my previous employer in bold and my time working for them unbolded in the same line.

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Use b tags.

Like this (Like <b>this</b>)

As @BenGitter said, <b> will bold text. More generally if you want to add styling to inline text, you can use <span>

I would do something like this:

<span class="employer-name">Employer Name</span> 
<span class="employment-dates">01/01/2015 - Present</span>

Then I could style it like this:

  font-weight: bold;
  font-size: larger;

  font-style: italic;

Doing this enables you to style each part separately which will make it easier when you decide to add more employment history down the road. Just add the employer and employment dates and add the class to them like I did above and they will be styled exactly alike for each one.

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