How do you choose your path?

I started programming about two years ago when I went to university. And I love technology and computer stuff. But I’m still confused. How people learn something like new technology. Maybe someone says “Well… I learn by my self.”. How do you do that? for example if you want to learn a new programming language, what do you do? I think you maybe install an IDE and try learning how to declare variables and then conditional statements and etc. But there is one problem. In this case, you know how to learn a programming language. You know if you want to learn that programming language, you must learn about variables, conditional statements and etc. This is because you already have learned a programming language and you know the path of learning a programming language. But what about you when have no idea where should you start. You maybe search on internet. but each website says something different.
Maybe someone says “I learn something by watching online courses”. But in my experience courses usually don’t help. For example if you like to learn about Linux you maybe find out a lot of courses are just learning some commands and they skip fundamentals.
In my own case, I want to learn cybersecurity. I searched a lot for where to start. people usually say you should learn about networking and Linux and some other stuff. And now I’m currently learning computer networks and Linux but I have two problems. As I said Linux courses are just learning commands. I’m currently using an edx course for learning Linux which is a little better but is very basic. So after finishing this course what should I do for some advanced stuff??? Finally, suppose I finished all the requirements for cybersecurity, what then??? what should I do? And things get much worse when I see in my city there is not many jobs for that. I mean there is no place where I can face some real problems and learn more.

Instead of trying to teach myself completely from scratch I find either a course on the subject or a textbook and follow it in order.

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