How do you delete your profile on here?

I want to remove my profile and all my posts on here. Is there any admin or anyone I can contact that can do that?

Does this mean I’m being deleted?

You have created too many posts in order to be easily deleted - if any mod wants to manually delete all your posts one-by-one, they might (but not me…)

You can delete your own posts, though. You can also delete your own account, if I am not mistaken.

If that doesn’t suit you, I can anonymise all your posts easily, which will disassociate you from them.

Let me know if you want me to push the big red button on that one :slight_smile:

Hey, I can’t seem to find a delete button.

Making my posts anonymous would be good. So, it wouldn’t have this handle anymore, right? In that case, you can do that whenever your ready

Done, mysterious stranger…

How is possible to delete my profile? I don’t see any possibility in settings.


I can do it, or anonymise you as I did with the other person above if you’re account is too old.

Are you sure?

Yes. Please delete it completely. Thanks.

Done, mysterious stranger…

Can my profile be deleted? I wasn’t able to find an option to do so in the settings.


Have you read this thread and understand that I can anonymise you, but not delete everything?

Let me know if you’d like to be anonymised.

Yes, anonymising everything would also work. But can my account also be deleted?

Not easily. Anonymisation is the way this forum platform handles it.