How do you do HTML5?

I don’t know how to do HTML5

Start doing the exercises in the Free Code Camp curriculum and it’ll guide you through the basics.

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How to learn HTML5:

How to do HTML5:

  1. Open a notepad ou text editor
  2. Type the code you’ve learned as follow:
  <title> This is the title OF THE PAGE</title>
   <h1>This is the title of your text</h1>
    <p>This is a paragraph</p>
  1. Then, save as index.html (or any name.html).
    Make sure the “file type” in the “type box” is set to “all files” and remember the place/folder you are saving this file

  2. Go to that folder and double click on your file (index.html). It will be opened, beautiful and like a charm, in a web browser like Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox…

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