How do you document the information of each Assessment

Please I would like to know how you all document the information on the assessment pages. For example, for each topic (example: JavaScript) on the site, I usually write the information (examples section by the left panel) provided on the page in my note before I then try answering the question. Please does anyone know if there’s a better way to do this because I get tired very easily when doing that and I don’t know what else to do.

I’ve nearly used up a thousand pages of a notebook on this, and I feel it’s less productive and time-consuming. I’d be glad if there’s a better way you all do it that I’m not aware of.

The main reason I write them down is for easy reference for later use, I’d be glad if you can give me a piece of proper advice on doing this better.

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If you are getting tired, then don’t focus so much on writing every single word and example down.
Just take a quick note about what that lesson was about.

For example, I just picked a random lesson which talks about the const keyword.

That is a lot of text to copy, and as you mentioned you are filling up thousands of pages worth of notes.

It would be better to just have a quick description and small code example.
Something like this.

Const keyword

The const is read-only which means that once a variable is assigned with const , it cannot be reassigned

const FAV_PET = "Cats";
FAV_PET = "Dogs"; //  console will display an error due to reassigning the value of FAV_PET

Taking that approach will make it a lot easier to review your notes.

Everyone has their preferred learning method and a lot of beginners will like to take notes and refer to them later. Once you start getting more comfortable with programming, then you will get more comfortable reading the documentation to reference concepts. But taking notes is a good way to learn too. :+1:

Hope that helps!

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