How do you get a dev job without expereince if all jobs require 3-4 years of experience?

I’ve built 3 different Rails apps , generated traffic on one of them , won the developer week hackathon by creating a chatbot , created my own youtube channel with 500 subs , contributed to several open source projects and still cant even get a single interview after one month of applying to jobs. It must be practicly impossible to get a developer job without a CS degree.

A month really isn’t that long. I have a CS degree and 3-4 years developer experience and it still takes me a month to start getting interviews and another month or two after that to secure a job. A month seems like an eternity to you but it’s practically nothing on a company’s timeline. They move at their own pace.

Job hunting sucks. It’s a demoralizing process. Don’t get discouraged and continue applying for jobs and networking. If you’re not already, start going to the same meetup groups regularly and talking to people there. Share your apps with people and learn more about where they work. Have friends and family read over your resume. Add recruiters on LinkedIn and see what openings they’re trying to fill. You’ll find something.