How do you get out of using References? (Your thoughts)

I’ve gone back and forth with Programming for YEARS. Took time away from it and went over JavaScript within HackReactor’s Meetup. It’s kind of a Marketing thing with them (as other Bootcamps). When you get better (and generate Income), to really get it as simply as English, it would be to Pay them to take ones Self to the next level with it.

Then it dawned on me (as I’ve been Writing Code heavily then Drifted to the Art Realm), oming back to all of this to Incorporate (not sure if that’s the right Word) what I know and (somewhat simply) do the Work, again. Not all the Works. More/less where one has left off. I’ll be looking back over p1xt’s Guide (even the older ones). You can say I was Midway towards Tier 3. I just haven’t used any JavaScript FrameWorks. And when I came back, I was going in hard with Python (Book name Python Crash Course… I need to get back to the later Chapters (I was up to Objects (whatever Python Syntax calls it again… Dictionary???).

I may have just answered my Question.
Partial right, partial wrong. Your thoughts…

And yes I have to do Projects. How about some Front End (and Back End) Examples that’s worth ReverseEngineering. And or any Projects that’s fun. As well as Websites that Challenges the mind during off time (when doing something else like Art).

Another thing is that I was in the Art Realm and was busy using my iPad Pro (Sketching in various Drawing Apps vs. using my Macbook Pro. Apps for use with Front End Development is ok on the Pad, but nothing like Visual Studio Code (and other Desktop Code Editors).

I constantly use reference documentation. That’s a critical skill and a huge part of being a developer.

For now, I plan on using Mozilla and W3Schools again. I prefer W3Schools more in that sense of reference as it came to mind when thinking to go from HTML to HTML5…

You don’t, not unless you have perfect memory which very few people do.

Not sure about the rest of your post, most of it doesn’t seem to be related to your initial question. But yes, you should apply the knowledge to real projects.

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Sounds like your generally referring to “get out of tutorial hell”.

I think taking an idea, writing down what your going to do and doing it is the core steps you want to do.

Its easy to get distracted and not focused on your core goals in regards to a single project. So writing down a few rules/specifications about what your going to do and then doing what you can to make those happen can help a lot.

Just be sure to keep your goals small, simple, and timeline short enough you can learn what you need to learn. Something like giving yourself 2 weeks to go from 0 to a simple concept should be enough progress to learn something.

Try your best to identify what’s important, making note of what’s important, and then taking steps to doing them, while continuously re-evaluating your original goals.

Good luck, keep learning and keep building :+1: