How do you go about design?

When coding solutions for FCC projects I’ve thus far being completing the calls to javascript API’s and what even data processing is needed. Once I am retrieving the data correctly I go about my design.

I’m interested how others are going about it? Do you do a front end design first with mock data then code the JS? Do you use a program to mock up a few designs… or do you bust out the drawing pad and pencil.

I’m going to look into some UX books and resources. Would also like to here how other campers go about design and how they came to settle on that method.

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I go straight into HTML myself, with an editor window on the left side of my screen and the page loaded on the right. I’m using a live-reloading setup, so it’s as simple as save and presto, updated on the right.

From that setup, I create a basic outline of divs, using Lorem Ipsum to fill out content. I stack the divs vertically and see how it flows as a single column, then I start moving things into grids using either Bootstrap or Foundation, adding margins and padding as I go.

I choose a palette of 3 colors and make them variables in my Sass stylesheet so I can change them in one place, and I put my font declarations next to the variables so they can also be switched out quickly.

Images are harder for me: I have no real skill with image editors like Photoshop, nor do I care to shell out the cash for tools I can barely use. Thus my workflow for image assets is kind of slow, tedious, and ad hoc.

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