HOW do you know?

How do you know if you mastered a language or you’re not that good on it?
I’m dealing with this problem on JS(Front-end party), I feel like I know nothing about the language, especially I didn’t work on my skills on it for like: 5 months ago (I’ve been learning node.js).

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The idea of “mastery” isn’t important IMO. Being comfortable and flexible is the real goal. Mastery today is legacy tomorrow, as things change so fast striving for 100% mastery will result in endless learning everything and anything.

If your currently at a point where your like “I’ve mastered this language!” you probably are full of yourself haha, as I’m sure someone just released a new framework/took/technology for the given language right now :wink:

Now feeling your not good at it is another story. You can always have this feeling, but again this is why I believe in just being comfortable and flexible enough to learn what you need as you need it. If your given a project using a new technology you want to be able to feel comfortable enough learning it.

NodeJs and client-side JS are the same in regards to the language, but what the language interacts with is different.


well, I think I’m released now, thanks for your help!! :heart:

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Hi, I’m snowmonkey, and I feel like an impostor…?

I feel like there ought to be a coder support group. It’s a very common theme, we feel like we don’t know enough, or that we’re faking it and someone’s going to find out, or that we aren’t anywhere near smart enough to pull this off.

You might encounter the same thing if you’ve tried visual arts: looking at a blank canvas, that moment of panic. “What if, this time, I can’t do it?” Well, you can, and you do.

You’ve learned quite a lot. More than you realize. You have not only learned abou the language, but you’ve learned the fundamentals of how to look for what you need to know. That, to my mind, is key.

I’ve been at this more than thirty years, and each time I jump in to answer a question, I ask myself why I think I’m qualified. I don’t know stuff, I’m not smart enough, or clever enough, or <your descriptive of choice> enough for this! But I am, and I do, and sometimes… it works.

Trust yourself. Keep developing, keep breaking things and figuring out why, keep experimenting and networking and learning. You don’t have to know everything, but it helps if you know more than you did five months ago. :wink:

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well well well, that what I was looking for. I 100% appreciate your reply :heart:

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