How do you learn faster?


I was wondering what is the better way to learn, either build your own stuff even if it´s basic or find a good tutorial of something complex and follow all the lessons.

I find the first way more productive but obviously I cannot expand what I already know. The second way helps me to expand and figure out how big projects work but since It´s not my code sometimes I find myself overwhelmed trying to memorize all the concepts.

Anyway, what´s your experience?

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Follow a tutorial and when finished expand it into a project of your own idea is a good way.

I just did a tutorial to connect to mongodb with node and do some basic CRUD operations.

I wanted to make my own database of something so I connected to the youtube api to get the chat feed of a youtube livestream that would load up the database.

Now I plan on figuring out how to manipulate or iterate through that data and make a leaderboard for messages typed in the chat.

You will run into roadblocks or gaps in your knowledge that will be an opportunity to expand your learning.


I seconded this. Between the choices you’ve given, why not both, right?

In relation to that, I have followed a tutorial about IndexedDB and later on I’ve expanded the tutorial code into something else, specifically into a cliche bookmark storage app (shameless plug?). Aaaaand, it worked better for me rather than building my own stuff from scratch simply because I don’t know how.

If you find yourself frustrated or overwhelmed because you did not build with your own code or you found yourself at a roadblock, breathe and relax and think about how you can learn something. It’s really about learning a new stuff at the end of the day. (This paragraph is more of a self-reminder rather than “words of wisdom” lol)

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1.Youtube tutorial
2.edX or Udacity course
4.making my own project