How do you learn new skills besides a full time job?

I am doing a full-time Front End developer job. The office runs for 9 hours and it takes 3 hours for me to commute to the office and home. So, 12 hours go by office time. If I sleep for 8 hours, then I have just 4 hours left. If I take away 2 hours from that for the meal and some rest then I have 2 hours for me to do something. I can’t manage much time on the weekend (maybe 6-10 hours in two days). I try to pass some non-professional works like family time, volunteering, etc.

In this condition, As I am working with Angular now, I am interested to learn React and Node.js and go deep with ES6 but can’t manage time. How do you manage time for new skills, folks? Do you separate time for learning at the office?

The most important thing to me is time.

I’m lucky in that my work is very flexible, permitting I am productive. I do the following to help save time, as time is valuable for almost anything in life. (it is life!)

  • I work from home at least 1 time a week, catch up on sleep, save on gas, and save on time.
  • I work rather far. I leave for work once traffic dies down and I leave work the same way, where I skip most of the bad traffic by waiting out some traffic. This helps me save some time in my commute
  • I’m at work longer than the usual 8 hours (9+), but I spend at least half an hour of that time focused on learning something totally unrelated to my current work.

There is no replacement for time. Once you have time you can learn what you want at your own pace. I don’t believe you can rush learning, only make it more efficient, but you still need to put in the time no matter how efficient you make your learning time.