How do you loose the jr. Title?

I am Jr. BE. Developer with 2 years experience. Being paid fairly low for a programmer, but fairly for a jr.

I have done well in my job for the last two years and really want to make the transition to a full developer, and loose the jr. Title.

that would be on your supervisor/team lead. Do they feel you are no longer the new kid on the block? Are you qualified, in their opinion, to upgrade to a mid-level code junkie?

Just find a new job that has better pay and title

If they are not habitual in your work place, ask your manager for a performance review.

Ask them explicitly how they see your current performance and what the next steps are for you to grow.

Also explicitly say that you would like to be paid more - asking for a raise is a perfectly normal thing to do.

If they say a raise is not possible right now, or that you do not have the experience to warrant a raise, ask them explicitly what steps they would need to see in order for you to be viewed as a more valuable contributor in the company.

If you are not satisfied with the answers, start shopping around for new jobs just to see if there is greener grass elsewhere.

The key word in all this is ‘explicit’ – you have to say this out loud and unambiguously to someone in a position to change your level and pay. :slight_smile:

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Also be careful what junior job you go for. Some junior jobs, from what I’ve heard from an experienced engineer, can be very slow-paced, spoon-fed endeavors. I’m a junior a time a startup, but it’s full-stack, and I’m getting entire slices of the platform to work on. I’d say it’s the exact opposite of spoon-fed. I can’t learn fast enough.

It’s a double edged sword. But if you’re not being challenged, maybe ask for more responsibility, or make a change to something where you’ll be asked to do more.

If you have been handling tons of stuff, way above a junior role, for two years, then you’ve probably got enough experience to apply elsewhere.

I agree with what others have said regarding internal review and conversation about promotion. Every company is different, though, in experience and responsibilities you need to have done in order to move up in title and newer responsibilities.

You could also leave after 2 years and get an intermediate role … just leave “junior” off the title at this job and call yourself a “backend developer”. Anyone looking at the resume will see it was your first development role, and they’ll know you were a “junior” level. In the many dozens of people I’ve interviewed, hired, and done reference checks, I’ve never once scrutinized job title, because I have a pretty good idea where you’re going to be at in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, etc… And if you can surprise me by being better than my expectation, all the better.

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