How do you make a random quote machine?

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Can someone please help me to make a random quote machine?

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Challenge: Build a Random Quote Machine

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Hey @amejl172 the below links is my Random Quote Machine made with react-hooks so if you have studied react you can take a look at the source code the project.
Repo -
Demo -

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I need help with Java script how to make a random quote and random author

Can someone please give me the solution to how you make the random quote machine and author with JS so I can finish this challenge?

The purpose of the projects is to test whether you have understood everything in the course. If you just copy someone else’s code the certification becomes meaningless.

If you have taken the course and have trouble doing the projects, you can retake the course or look for other resources like the documentation on (which is rumoured to be very good), video tutorials or another online course. I can’t help you more than this, because I have just started the react course.

Addendum: I am going to look for another React course, because I am not going to learn it with this one.

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if your issue is from where to take the quotes and authors, you can just write in your code 10 quotes in an array and take a random one from there each time.

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I know how to write quote but not how to make it function.

in the JavaScript curriculum there are a few challenges about getting a random number - that random numbee could a random index from the array that contains the quotes

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