How Do You Make A Web Form Send(able) to an Email?

Hello, I started my coding journey a few months ago when I registered a domain with domain dot com. The domain is for a school currently being built by my dad. I decided to buy the site because a school should have a website for various reasons/purposes. There’s a free website builder in the menu of domain dot com but the free website builder doesn’t work OK. I cannot afford to pay a web developer so I set out to learn web-programming and started building the website myself. Check out sahelstarschools dot com and see how far I have gone. Domain dot com doesn’t help in web programming so I got stuck along the way when I created an application form on the website at: I have so far learned basics of HTML5 and some basics of CSS3 and the whole website is so far built with only those languages. And the sad thing, the form I created can be filled out but data cannot be sent. I have asked in other forums before but didn’t get adequate help. I was told I need PHP and I don’t know a thing about it. I need someone to help me make my form send(able) to my email: admissions@sahelstarschools dot com.
I’ll be very grateful if I can get this help.
Thank you in advance…

please read this:

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