How do you research how to build a simple todoApp when you never built one and you don't want to copy an existing todoList

How would you plan out how to build a todoList app for the first time without googling an existing TodoList? What would your googling search results consist of ? How would you first write out this problem on paper? I am building this in Vanilla Javascript. The interface for building a todoList is so easy.Buidling the functionality for a todoList app? Not so much.

There is nothing wrong with looking at existing To-do list apps online, that’s what market research is all about. And that doesn’t mean looking at the first app in Google and copying its features. You could look at a couple, say 5 different To-do list apps. I would look for features they have in common, things that I like and dislike, things that I feel are missing etc. Then you can use your finding as general guidelines for your own app.

You can also look at offline sources for inspiration - printed daily planners, shopping lists, calendars etc. I would try to come up with as many ideas as possible - you can refine or get rid of them later anyway.

I would put all the potential functions and ideas on paper and then try to narrow them down to basics.

  • What functions MUST a to-do app have?
  • What functions could the app have that are not crucial?

I would play around with these until I have a basic list of functions - not too complicated, but also not missing important elements. With this basic requirements list in place, I would then sketch a few basic prototypes on paper.

After all this you end up with something you could mock-up in a prototyping tool or in Codepen to play around with.

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