How do you submit solution for APIs and Microservices lessons?

Currently tackling the first lesson of the “Managing Packages with NPM” section and the solution requires me to submit a live app.

It took me a while to wrap my head around Git and Github but I finally managed to get it working for me. So far I have cloned the repo set up by FCC to my computer. Linked and pushed it to a fresh repo on Github, then added ’ “author”: “insert name” ’ to the package.json file locally and then pushed this change to the remote repo on Github. I say this just so it is clear I have essentially completed the lesson as it assumes you already understand Github (or the other methods it offers) but am not yet at the stage where you can submit the link to pass the test.

My question is, to summarise, how do you turn the repo into a live app so that it will pass the FCC test?

you need to deploy it somewhere. The easiest way you can do is use, open your github repo with that, run the tests and submit the link just above the live preview

Or you can use a full-stack app hosting service like heroku

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