How does FCC calculate Longest Streak?

I’m just Curious:

How does FCC calculate Longest Streak on our FCC Curriculum Profile Page?

I think it’s the longest streak of colored squares, but last I heard that part of the profile is not that well tuned.

Oh :open_mouth: ! Ok :grinning:! Is there plans for updating it soon?

not that I know of. If you want to help out you can start by reading

It looks at the timestamp of submitting a passing challenge. It isn’t super accurate. If you dig through you can see long GitHub discussions along the lines of “what if someone submits on midnight in Australia, then flies to New York on daylight savings in a leap year and then submits at midnight?”

Dealing with dates and times is one of the areas of programming that really just sucks. You pretty much always have to choose a “good enough” point and just accept it.

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