How Does FCC's Curriculum Compare to That of Bloc's?


I was really impressed with Bloc’s Software Development Track. Their curriculum/syllabus can be found here:

How different is the syllabus to that of FCC? I’ve read the FCC curriculum but, as a rookie, don’t really understand how the pieces fit into the bigger picture.

Just trying to figure out, in terms of being “job ready”, if I should sign up to Bloc or use FCC? The big value to Bloc is a mentor - but I can likely find one locally.

Thoughts welcomed!

I don’t think you can really compare them based on the curricula. They teach Angular and Rails. We’re more of a React and Node camp here. Mr. Larson argues that the future lies with React and Node, meaning that more jobs will be available for those particular technologies than others. But unless you plan on overworking yourself, you only need one job, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding employment no matter what technology you do your student projects in, so you’re not really shooting yourself in the foot by choosing one super popular stack over another.

However, I’m skeptical that any employer is actually looking for junior developers who know React or Rails or whatever else. If you’ve got no professional experience, then I doubt it matters much what you have learned and more that you are enthusiastic about learning. If Globochem is looking for a great React developer to take their next drone-based meat lotion delivery service to the web, they’re not just going to be looking for any Jane, Dick, or Harriet with a React app and fancy certificate. They’ll want an experienced developer first, and React expert second. You’re going after something quite a bit more entry level.

Maybe this sounds depressing. Like, what’s the point of learning any of this? Let me take a step back and make my point more clearly: Learn what interests you because in terms of job-readiness, you’re going to be ready for a junior dev gig either way. Ok, so at this point, you don’t know the difference between React and Angular. My suggestion is to not waste any time deciding because no matter which one you pick, you’re going to get frustrated and go to the other one, which will of course be the better choice because it doesn’t do X but it does do Y and you like the build system better anyways. The bigger picture here is that no matter what you learn, you need to learn it well. If your only answer to, “Why do you use [framework]?” is, “It’s what bootcamp taught”, then it doesn’t contribute much to your overall hireability.

With the tech question out of the way, we still need to know, Bloc or FCC? I’m a bit biased here, but FreeCodeCamp is free, has a great community, gives you a solid path to follow, and will force you to develop two of the most important skills for developers - asking questions and looking for answers. Bloc offers a mentor (cool :thumbsup:) and a money-back guarantee, but I’m not thrilled about their time frame. I like Rails, but asking students to learn not just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but Ruby and Angular as well in 27 weeks seems like just a bit too much. But for all I know, you could thrive in that sort of learning environment, and I don’t know anything about Bloc’s teachers, so maybe they’re really good at forcing people to understand things. FCC would take longer and require you to be your own motivator, but it wouldn’t cost you a dime and you’ll still build cool stuff.

tl;dr - I don’t know which you should choose, but don’t choose based on what they teach. Focus on how they teach.