How does first project work?

Hello guys!
I need your advice please.
I have finished the HTML and CSS curriculum part. I was thinking to do some type of project…? ( just want to make sure I have gotten all curriculum set in my head)
I have seen the one in the community available to do - so later if I do it successfully… > I could claim certificate ( which I am happy in this sphere).
next part-
I couldn’t understand the idea of that project .
Have some body tried it ?
Do I need to join that codepen. io community ?

Any help , advice would help a lot >
Thank you so much guys!

By first project do you mean one of the projects for Responsive Web Design Certification or you’ve already finished those and want to practice more?

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Well I think you should start with building your portfolio site in using only Html and CSS or implement what ever you learn but it should be scalable so that you can implement other things as you learn and when your project is finished paste that link for the assessment portfolio project to achieve certificate…
happy coding :slight_smile:

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Yes, that is right …

ok, I see. I still couldn’t understand how should I properly should do this project . So I have to create an account at this website and then start creating? Thank you .

Yeah sign up at and if you need more guidance then join this room in gitter.

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