How does my personal website and portfolio look?

Hello, it’s been a good while since I’ve posted here at FCC. I decided to come back for some information, I’ve always gotten helpful info from the people here.

It’s been a difficult journey trying to learn web development while working full time in an unrelated job, I’m also taking on a bunch of classes in school, but I finally sat down and tried cranking out some work. I’ve created a personal website, put together a few projects and linked my social medias.

Can I get some honest non-sugar coated feed back? Should I just crunch out Front-End Dev applications or do I need more time to learn?


Looks good! I can tell you have keen sense of UI.

Brush up on your interview skills and go forth with FE applications. :+1:

Thanks for the feed back, do a lot of these jobs provide some training to get me up to speed or am I expected to make contributions to their projects right away?

It depends on the project. The typical way open source projects work (including FCC itself) is that they have documentation on how to contribute to the project, which will give you a summary on how to open pull requests and possibly how the code is put together. From there, most contributors browse the issues/bugs section on the source repository (Github calls it “issues”), find a bug that’s easy to work on, fix it, and open a pull request.

Really large projects have active channels on IRC (usually FreeNode) or Gitter or Slack, with people who can answer further “how can I contribute” questions.

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if you were to add some sort of open source contribution to your portfolio would you just link to the project directly or would you link to were your contribution was committed?

Mostly it’s sufficient to link to your own github profile (assuming the projects are on github), otherwise mention your contributions in the “experience” section of your CV/resumé. Potential employers aren’t going to comb through the actual pull requests themselves.

Simple, easy to use and to get information is what I see in my first visit to your portfolio… nice I can say

Thank you for the feedback, that’s reassuring.

A very well done page.

Thank you very much! :grin:

I think it looks fantastic!! Nice work.

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Really good website also displays your portfolio in a nice manner. Well done

Hi Hamza, some feedback I have for your portfolio.

The cards in your demo section shrink when you hover over them, which is usually the time that some is looking at them, so I would advise to let them grow when hovered instead. I would also make the whole card clickable as a link or add a button. Right now only the top image links to your projects but it’s not clear that it acts as a link. On smaller breakpoints, when all cards are stacked I think center aligning them would look better than having a lot of whitespace to the right.

Your social links are at the top but not sticky, you could also add them to the footer. That way if somebody wants to see more of you around the web after they’ve read your page, they don’t have to scroll all the way back to the top. About the links in your socials: the fourth one is a link to the page we are already on and the fifth one to an empty stack exchange use profile. I would remove those.



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I think it’s really well-designed, there are just some minor things I noticed. For big screens you could add “padding-bottom 15px” to the col-lg-6 to improve the alignment of your photo.

On mobile the text is really small. It should be readable without having to zoom/pinch. For the cards you can solve it by giving them more space and stacking them, like Steven suggested. Same with the contact form, it also should be accessible without having to pinch since it’s a very important part of your page.

On the technical side I’d recommend forcing a redirect to https and making sure the https version is indexed in Google Search Console. Implementing some of the more urgent and security-relevant suggestions from is also a thing you could do if you’re in the mood. It’s not urgent since your website is simple and therefore your score is already quite good.

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