How does my survey page look? Feedback, constructive criticism please
Should I get rid of the background image?

I think the background image is fine.

  1. The font size gets too small on lower screen sizes.

  2. You should add the for attribute to your labels.

  3. Give the submit button cursor: pointer;

  4. Add resize: vertical; to the <textarea> so the user can only drag the text box larger vertically.

I tried my best to improve. Could you reply with further feedback? Sorry to use your time.

Sure but start with the things I already mentioned. I’d also add some padding to the inputs.

All in all, I’d say you did well, it’s not a bad form.

I did change font size up a little, but if I go higher, my frames start becoming janky. I fixed the padding.

Don’t go below 14px and even that might be too small in my opinion. Remember to change the font size in the media queries as well. Also you are using the pt unit on some of them, I would not suggest using that.

You should try and stack the layout on small screen sizes.

Will try on next project! Thanks for the feedback!