How does the freeCodeCamp challenge check my package.json?

Hey everyone!

I just started with the APIs and Microservices curriculum and the first challenge is to add an author to the package.json. I used replit, modified the package.json, started the app in replit and copied the link into the challenge to complete the task.

Everything worked fine but I am trying to understand how the challenge verified, that I added the author. All it has is the URL to my app ( which shows the index.html page. How did the challenge access the package.json file in my project?

The code is actually in your project in server.js, about half-way down, in the route app.route('/_api/package.json'). That’s some express code to read the local package.json and serve it out at /_api/package.json on whatever your project URL is.

You can navigate to that URL and see the output yourself if you like.

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