How editors handle folder structure

Reality check here. Do different environments/setups handle folder/file structure differently? I’ve had a consistent problem with linking to files in various environments–mostly in my editor and my server, and how various tutorials show how it’s supposed to work.

For example, I am using a React tutorial and he tells me to link to src="/scripts/app.js". When I do that, the file doesn’t “see” the link. But when I change it to src=“scripts/app.js”, I can then “follow” the file using CTRL-click (in Visual Studio Code).

I have noticed similar issues when moving my sites up to a web server. The file structure worked fine in my editor and on my computer, but when I put in on the server, it breaks. I will have to fiddle with folder structure and links. I haven’t really figured out the pattern as to what is different, though.

So is this a local environment thing with Visual Studio Code, or…? Just going loco? :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I think a search for relative vs. absolute path is the way to learn something about this.

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