How effective is the DS/Algos course for those looking into upskilling for non-web dev jobs?


I don’t come from a web development background. But I do lack in some core CS skills like DS/Algos and that affects my interviews and advancing in my field. I am trying to focus on that for the next few months.

Since, freecodecamp has had very good reviews overall, I was wondering how much of a benefit would the DS/Algo course be to someone like me?

I do have an interest in web development, but it is more of a side hobby/learning new things kind of interest. I am trying to focus more on solidifying my skill-set for my field right now (which is more python and C++ based).

Thank you.

The data structures and algorithms challenges isn’t anything that is specific to web development, but they are in JavaScript. The “Coding Interview Prep” section also contains many algorithm challenges that are similar to what you will be asked in an interview.

Ohk, thank you. So, it will help me develop a strong foundation in solving and approaching problems specific to those as well. That is what I am looking for. It’s fine if it’s JS. I can work with that. Only helps me learn more.

Yup. The problem-solving skills should be transferrable, and you’ll have the support of this community to help nudge you when you need a nudge.

Thank you. Appreciate the quick responses!