How far should I learn CSS to become a full-stack developer?

hey guys!
I have learnt HTML, then I moved on to CSS. I absolutely hated CSS because it was too hard and I just didn’t like it
I decided to move on to JS and fell in love with JavaScript. Since I didn’t learn CSS, I always use frameworks like w3.css and Bootstrap to beautify my ugly, but functional websites.
My question is:
How far should I learn CSS to become a full-stack developer?

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I’ll just share what a friend of mine said when I told him my goal was to be a full-stack dev.

“That’s a great goal, but it will take thousands of hours and it would be nice to get paid for at least some of that learning time.”

In other words, it might be good to specialize in either the front end and back end first, and later add on the other side of it.


It depends.

You don’t need to be a CSS wizard who is able to create works of art with pure CSS, but you’ll want to have at least a basic proficiency.

When you’re working you’ll find out which library your team uses and gain expertise in working with the tools provided by that library (but you’ll still need to do a fair amount of basic CSS for sizing, positioning, etc).

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You should learn the stuff you need for a job.
What you need in a job is totally different from job to job.

This is like asking: How good should my basketball 3point throw skills be?
Depends if you want to play in the NBA or in your local community against kids.
And even in the NBA there are different positions, so maybe you don’t have to throw 3ps.