How Fast Should You be in HTML and CSS for those timed test?

Hey All,

I considered myself pretty good and knowledgable in HTML and CSS, However there are still some things I get confused with or have forgotton and have to look up like floats/grid/flex…

I recently took a test… convert a PSD to HTML/CSS… which I have done before…
This test was timed for 1 hour… I timed out and did not complete the test.

The issue is that I’ve done this kind of things before but it usually takes me 3 - 8 hours to build a site…
For example my personal website, it took me about 10 hours to code all the HTML/CSS ( I added the JS later so those hours are not included) My site:

I know 8 hours is a long time to code PSD to HTML/CSS… but 1 hour?

Does anyone have any advice on how to get faster? Should I relearn HTML/CSS?


I mean, honestly that tests kind of sounds like bullshit. That aside, just keep building websites. The more you do, the automatic a lot of it will become.


can i get some honest feed back on my website? And thanks your right…

It might be a good idea to create a separate thread in the “Project Feedback” subforum asking for reviews of your website. You’ll probably get more eyes on it that way.