How Full Stack development look like at Google and Meta

I have two interviews scheduled, one for Google and one for Meta, both of them for full-stack roles,

I would like to know how the day-to-day of a Full-Stack engineer at these companies look like.

What is the ratio between frontend and backend?

And what is the ratio between legacy code and new code?

The best people to ask would be the people you meet in your interviews, to be honest.

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Then ask them during the interview. Like, you basically HAVE to ask them - it would seem extremly suspicious if you go there and don’t ask about how your daily-work will actually look like.

Keep in mind the interview is for both sides - they want to know if you are a good fit for their team, BUT at the same time it’s so you can assert if you’d actually like to work there. So part of the interview is about them selling themself as good employers TO YOU. Don’t appear to cocky about that, but keep in mind that you hold at least some cards in your hand.

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These are extremely important questions to ask in any interview. The answers will vary from team to team. One thing to be aware of is that often for big companies like that, you aren’t interviewing for a specific spot on a specific team. They hire people based on a generalized interview and then assign them to a team or product area based on their business needs. That means that you might not get clear answers on questions about work culture, teammates, or what you’ll be working on day-to-day.

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