How I block out portions of your screen to do FCC without cheating

For the few days I’ve started working through FCC, I’ve found my eyes wandering often to the solutions of the problems/the results on page.

I feel as though this is counterproductive to actually learning.

So I stumbled upon a Windows application that will black out specific portions of your screen. This is helpful if you just want to focus on writing the code for each lesson:

Zorro is the software.

The solutions are not on the same page as the curriculum challenges, so I am not sure how your eyes are wandering unless you are clicking to see the solutions which appear on a completely separate page. Can you explain further?

Do you mean the tests cases? If you like to do the challenge without looking at those, then go for it, but looking at those isn’t “cheating”. Those are requirements for passing the challenge. There are many developers who write their test cases first this way.