How I (Finally) Learned to Code and Switched Careers at 37

Agreed! I can’t even imagine how they managed to write software back then without the version control systems we have nowadays? Boggles the mind.

I just bought Angela Yu course! JS glory, here i come! :smiley:

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I Love Angela. I’ve been considering if I should pick up her Swift course even though I am not particularly interested in mobile dev, b/c she is that great of a teacher (for me). Enjoy and Good luck!

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YES! Thank you! I just started CSS part although i am fully comfortable with it so far, but i love every bit of it and i have that feeling that after this course i should be ready. I started Colt’s course some time ago and although its great resource, it did’t “clicked” for me.
Only one question:how much time do you needed to finish her course?

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I guess this article is full time solution to my short time depression, when I found someone from my place doing better than me… Thank you very much…

In checking my logs, it took me 77 hours to complete her course. I went very quickly through the HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JQuery parts only watching the videos or lightly coding there because I either already had some experience (HTML/CSS) or just didn’t want to focus too much on it (in the case of Bootstrap and JQuery). She had some sections on Design and Color theory as well as an AMA that I quickly flipped through too.

I paid more attention to everything else and when she said to pause and work through the problem, I made sure to do that. There were some points where I was also working on FCC stuff while also going through Angela’s course since the curriculum matched each other so that helped reinforce different topics as I learned them.

I like Colt as an instructor too, but I didn’t buy his Web Dev course because it was outdated and didn’t have all the topics I was looking for (React) that Angela had. Colt is a great teacher though as I do have his React course (which is a little outdated now too since he only tacked on a Hooks section at the end), but his algorithms course has been great.

Don’t give up! Take breaks when you need to and don’t compare yourself to other people. Compare your now self to your past self and you will see how far you’ve come. You got this!


I know its a whole other topic, but i just checked Colt’s course…IT IS UPDATED!!!

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Just WOW! Thank you for sharing!


Ooooo, I didn’t buy his course because it was outdated when I was looking.

Holy cow, he redid the whole thing! I am going to buy the course for my brother and see what’s new . Thanks for the update!

I think it inspired me for 1 year starting from now! Awesome story.

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Awesome, please keep us all posted!

This is absolutely inspiring. People need to realize that the biggest obstacle stopping them isn’t age, but false beliefs like “I’m too old, I’m too stupid, I don’t have enough time” that they hold.

In the end, the ultimate skill any human being can have is the ability to to learn new skill at will. And your story proves that this skill is within every one of us, we just need to apply it and use it confidently.


I couldn’t have stumbled across your story at a more crucial moment. I’d been thinking seriously about giving in after searching for work for more time than I care to divulge. I’m 45 and have swapped careers at least 3 or 4 times before. However, software dev. and CS are a major change and the other switches were more like “evolutionary steps”. I got lucky this year though when floating in the COVID void and scored a scholarship-type place at a local web dev bootcamp which was amazing but even before it started it kind of felt like one straw too many. Plus I keep hearing about strong ageism among the coding community (and feeling it too, so I thought) and there’s only so many isles of hope one can find in a sea which has only become more expansive this year and those isles are fast becoming nothing more than little rocks and even just driftwood. Your story has been a life saving channel of hope-filled islands. SOOO grateful @anncodes:pray: And to @QuincyLarson for the #DevAfter30 article! Like SOOOO thankful. Uncanny and impeccable timing! Best of luck in 2021 to all!!


Wow! This is really inspiring, and has really motivated me to keep on learning. Thanks for sharing this! :smiley: