How I found freecodecamp

For a long time, I was despairing of ever finding something I could learn to get a job and even sometimes cried myself to sleep. I didn’t want to have an ordinary job in fast food or something and I wanted to work from home.

I was attending a business class at a high school when I heard some kids talking about coding and how difficult and horrible it is. I didn’t know what coding was but I quickly developed a negative attitude towards it because I had heard those kids.

Later, that day, I asked my father what coding was and he explained it to me. It sounded so drab and colorless that I went “nope, not for me”.

A few days later, the wife of my coding uncle told me some more about coding and said that if I ever decided to use coding for my future, my uncle would be glad to help. I was like, “Thank you, but…I don’t really like it…” (Of course I didn’t say that.)

I told my mother nothing about my coding conversations, but one day she was watching a Youtube video. In this video, the host said that every child should learn a little about coding because computers are the future. Than, he told about freecodecamp. I discussed the benefits with my mother and fell in love with the idea.

After working with code for a little while, I fell in love with coding…well, maybe not Javascript but I’ll still learn it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am sure you all have an interesting coding story to tell. If you wish, please share it here!


Same here. I also found fCC from a YouTube video but I forget the title. It told of some free sources to learn how to code.

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